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The Isle of Bute Fairies

#1 Kames Bay Fairy Camp - Activity Gift Set

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#1 Kames Bay Fairy Camp

Between the 2 towers live the fairies of Kames, who are they? 

Why do they live there? 

What secrets do they have to tell? 

Time will tell the story of the fairies and camps of Bute.


Activity Gift Set

The Kames Fairy Camp activity gift set is full of creative activities all about the fairies of Kames.

20 A4 pages of colours, and creative writing sheets, stickers, decals, a full colour postcard of the camp, an A4 colour print of the camp ready to frame or put on your wall with colour pencils and a wish bag with your kames fairy door & key


Your camp box comes in an A4 box that can be put through your letter box so no need to be home when the fairies come to your door